Monday, October 6, 2008

and it begins...

so i know many people that have taken to the blogging world and each of them says the same thing when they first start, "once you create a blog everything throughout the day becomes a potential blog topic". especially for those who feel the need to blog often, you want to be sure what you post that day is worth reading. i can't tell you how many times in the last 48 hours i've said to myself "that could be a blog topic!". now really, do you all want to know how distracted i was in church last night, or how monica turned another year older yesterday (see her blog for detials on that) or how my husband and i spend our first weekend off work together and got on each others nerves within moments of waking up each day... why sure you do! if i didn't blog about these little things, i would have nothing left to blog about. so that's what you get!
r and i did have a great relaxing weekend but we did realize how different our ideas of weekends are. i will post photos tomorrow of our weekend events as i forgot to send them to this computer. all in all, it was great. first feel of fall in the air, temp below 80 degrees and even some rain!

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Marci-Beth Maple said...

and the blogging begins indeed! i look foward to tales of the happy valentines. :)