Monday, January 25, 2010

More of Me

I was in a "list making" mood today. I have a bit of an issue with them. I make them for fun.

I realize there are things in my life that make me happy in an instant and there are things that make me grumble just as fast. Not that any of you care what those things are, but I enjoy listing them for you.

Things that bug me:

That awful noise that fax machines make

When people merge on the freeway going 40 mph

People who are indecisive

Butter that is too hard to spread on toast

Folding/Matching socks (does the dryer really eat them?)

Feet, ew!

Being cold

Cold coffee

Negative people

Unruly children and parents that do nothing about it

People that let their dogs lick them in the mouth

People that channel surf so fast you can't see what's on


Living far away from people I really enjoy

Feeling stuck in a rut

Tight spaces

Onions, yuck!

Things that make my heart sing, bring a smile to my face & cause my cup to runneth over:





Puppies (ones that don't bite and aren't mine)

Game nights

Kid's giggles


My husband

Flip flops

Photos that stir emotion

A new purse

Girl talk


Fresno State football


Red shoes

Surprise gifts

Taco Bell Pepsi

Ice cream

3 Musketeer candy bar's FROZEN (if you haven't tried this you MUST)

Snuggling with the dog

Sleeping in

Dinner out

Good chick flick

Crime scene shows

My nephew's smile


Watching my husband help an old lady load her car



Hearing my husband belly laugh

The smell of a baby's head

Lazy weekends

A new coffee cup

What do you love?

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lisa marie said...

Very Cute!!! You are so funny!